CBSE School Levels: the changing face of Indian Education


If you want your child to study at the top school in Gurgaon, you must have detailed outlook at the different types of schools in India. Here is a detailed look at the various categories the top schools of Gurgaon fall into.

Preliminary Education: also called as pre-school education, it is related to LKG, UKG and all those students who are between the age 2 ½ and 3. The concept of preliminary education in India plays a vital role in the overall development of each child, offering a schooling environment that trains the child before the actual school begins.

Elementary Education: this stage in a child’s education is primarily concerned where students from grades 1 to 5th begin to form a strong foundation. According to the recorded facts and information, around 82% of the students have been observed enrolling for the same. Many parents choose to skip the pre-school or preliminary education and start directly with the elementary.

Higher Educationthis stage in concerned with students who have cleared their schooling, and now moved or graduated to pursue university level studies or graduation studies. This is a more career oriented or professional level of education or schooling. This is done in order to achieve an individual’s career goals. Colleges and universities are the main stream of this category.

Besides, accredited CBSE schools in Gurgaon, residential schools, boarding schools, and international schools, there are several other different types of categories. The education system in India is rapidly as well as evolving constantly. This in turn adds additional value to an Indian education system.